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PHS Bulldogs On-Line
Oct 26, 2001

3 Bulldog alumni notes today:
Irma Kulp Zacher (60)
Paul Case (67)
Cliff Brown (67)


First-round Big Nine district tournament
Girls soccer (10/24): Pasco 1 - Davis 0


From: Irma Kulp Zacher (60)

  To Marcia Bailie Plows:
  Is Judy Whitmire related to Kenny Whitmire (59)? Kenny is still in the Tri-Cities...if it's her brother.

  My cheers to Paul, also. I have gotten some fun email from Alumni. Charles Olson touched bases with me last week and filled me in on his family. His Mom and one of his brothers are still living on their home place at Rd. 100, where the corn maze is. Another brother, Ron, graduated in 1959 and I remember him well. We see Ron every 5 years at class of '59 Reunion . . . my husband Don's class.

  Looks like the Moore Mansion is at a stalemate. The remodeling isn't happening at this point. The mysterious fire at the mansion is still being investigated. I drive by going over the Blue Bridge and am saddened to see the yard drying out and dying.  It had been so beautifully landscaped.

  Cliff Brown must have been a pistol in school. I bet Gregson had his hands full there. Actually, I have really enjoyed Cliff's tales of yesteryear and wonder how he ever escaped capture. Why did you say you were hiding in Columbia, Cliff???

Irma Kulp Zacher (60)
Pasco, WA

From: Paul Case (67)

  For distant alumni football fans:
  Homecoming game tonight against Kennewick - just like old times (except the bonfire)! It doesn't figure to be much of a contest as Kennewick hasn't done very well this year. The Bulldogs are without starting quarterback Skyler Allen, however. He hurt a knee in the Moses Lake game and had arthroscopic surgery on 10/23. He's expected to be out 2 - 3 weeks and should be ready for the playoffs that begin Nov. 6. Skyler also handles punting and kicking duties.
  Pasco High has dedicated the homecoming game to Donna Rasmussen (who will be attending her 50th consecutive Pasco-Kennewick game!), Bill Till (my good next-door neighbor and former PHS football coach), and Rick Venable.
  There's a good article in today's Tri-City Herald about Pasco's star running back, Allen Ailep, who leads the Big Nine in rushing, scoring, and all-purpose yards. You can read the entire article at:

He sounds like a really good kid who's had to grow up quickly.

Paul Case (67)
Pasco, WA

From: Cliff Brown (67)

Just to deviate from my stories of juvenile deviation . .


Columbia your waters still surround me
And the lands beyond your banks still haunt my soul
The ancient sands that long washed down from Canada
Are drifting through my memories once again

Oh the clouds that pass above you still look down upon your power
With the seagulls that have strayed far from the sea
That river in the northland far above me
Has my head so filled with quiet memories

Columbia your fertile strength still flows throughout my mind
As I sit thinking fondly of that time
When I was drifting slowly by your islands and your trees
With a peace that hasn't left me to this day.

They say that sound will carry far across a quiet lake
But a moving breeze will muffle even that
Yet the rocks that you are carving hear your message every day
And no storm, no winter's roar can silence that

And the land beneath you vibrates as your waters pass above
And my soul responds as best as it knows how
Your empire in that distant land above me
Has a subject that is longing for it now.

Cliff Brown (67)
Bogota, Colombia