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PHS Bulldogs On-Line
Oct 02, 2001

4 Bulldog alumni entries and an editor's note today:
Irma Kulp Zacher (60)
Felix Vargas (63)
Carole Smith Walker (63)
Paul Case (67)

We're up to 157 Bulldogs in the database - growing very slowly. 9 of those 157 are inactive due to e-mails being repeatedly bounced. If the e-mail bounces because the account is full (usually a temporary thing), I keep sending to them. But if they bounce because of “unknown recipient” or something like that, then I delete their e-mail address from the database. If you stop receiving e-mails from PHS Bulldogs On-Line for more than a week (you can check the web site to see if you've missed any), or if you change your e-mail address, let me know and I'll update the database with your new e-mail. That's assuming, of course, that you wish to continue receiving these messages. (I have had one request to remove someone.) Or if you have more than one e-mail account and would prefer to receive these at a different account, just let me know. Current PHS Bulldogs On-Line class metrics are below. - Paul

1953 - 1
1960 - 4
1961 - 4
1962 - 8
1963 - 85
1964 - 8
1965 - 2
1966 - 4
1967 - 27
1969 - 2
1970 - 1
1988 - 2
1991 - 1
1992 - 1
1997 - 2
1999 - 1
2000 - 3


From: Irma Kulp Zacher (60)

  Thanks to Tom Brandon for keeping us abreast of the improvements being made to Edgar Brown Stadium. I know that Tom is very instrumental in making this project a reality. I hope that many PHS Alumni will open their pocketbooks and send some donations to the Stadium/Turf. Project in the name of Alumni, c/o Tom Brandon.

  All of the Bulldog sports teams have been making Pasco and PHS Alumni proud. The football team is especially awesome this year and we need to support those athletes in spirit and in $$.

  Thanks to Paul Case for keeping this message line going.

  To Pat Fleming:
  You don't want to tell Jim Morrison that he is no longer among the living. Might be hard on his heart. I saw Jim and his wife at last years PHS '60 Reunion and he was in fine shape. I think you may be thinking of Jim Morris (also of our class of '60) and yes, I believe that Morris is no longer among the living.

Irma Kulp Zacher (60)
Pasco, WA

From: Felix Vargas (63)

  I was thrilled to read Tom Brandon's report on the projected upgrades for our Pasco stadium. Along with many others, I have always believed this would become a reality someday. The timing for such developments could not be better, with Pasco sporting football teams of unmatched quality in the State. I am very sure that Tom is playing a leadership role in the stadium upgrade project. I believe that I speak for the class of 63 when I say: Our hats are off to you, Tom Brandon. Keep up the good work. Please keep us informed of progress, including planned inauguration.

Best regards,

Felix Vargas (63)
Springfield, VA

From: Carole Smith Walker (63)

  Hey, does any one know where Rita Knutson (George) is? And what about Linda Dickerson, Jackie Wendler, Dawnie Wilson, Pam Gregory. Just to name a few!! Keep up the good work, I enjoy the news from everyone.

Carole Smith Walker (63)
Spokane, WA

From: Paul Case (67)

  Besides football, the Bulldogs are also doing great in volleyball with an 8 - 0 record.

  Not so well in soccer at 2 - 2, but they did beat Kamiakin 2 - 1 on Saturday.

  Football on Friday against Davis (1 - 3) at Edgar Brown. They should be able to handle them, but then they have back to back away games against Walla Walla (4 - 0) and Moses Lake (3 - 1).

Paul Case (67)
Your wannabe sports reporter in Pasco, WA