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Sep 22, 2001

3 Bulldog alumni notes and a football score today:
Sandra Green Reuther (63)
Felix Vargas (63)
Pat Fleming (63)


Pasco over Southridge 45 - 12


From: Sandra Green Reuther (63)

  To Bulldog alumni who attended CBC:
  I got an e-mail message [see below] from Ruth Swain at CBC. They are starting to plan a 50th anniversary celebration or program for CBC's 50th anniversary in 2004-5. I thought some of you might want to help. Please contact Ruth if you wish to participate or have some old photos or newspaper articles, etc. of interest.
  CBC was a part of many of our lives. If you have ideas that might be of interest to Ruth, please contact her at

  Greetings Sandra,
  I am a CBC grad and working for CBC now. We are hoping to bring everyone back for a reunion to celebrate CBC's 50th anniversary. According to most, the 50th falls in the 2004-5 school year, and we have some time to plan.
  In the CBC Foundation office, we have been entering the names of all of our graduates throughout the years, and doing searches to find new addresses. We hope to be able to contact people around the world through the internet and get a group together to help plan the reunion.

  I really enjoyed your computer sciences site, at and wonder if you would consider helping us in some way? Not sure what I'm asking for, but would sure appreciate your help in any way possible.

Thank you!

Ruth Swain
Columbia Basin College
cbc e mail:

Sandra Green Reuther (PHS 63, CBC 65)
Boulder City, NV

From: Felix Vargas (63)

  To Ron Dupuis:
  Good to hear the name Loren Larsen. It has been a while.
Class of 63 remembers him.

Felix Vargas (63)
Springfield, VA

From: Pat Fleming (63)

  To Tim Gray:
  Tell Bill Rheinhardt hello for me will you please. I think of him and his dad, Dale often. Thanks.

  To Irma Zacher:
  I thought Jim Morrison was dead. Does this mean that the Doors will make a come back. I work with Jim Hendricks. In jest-Pat. At least it is not in indi-jest.

  To Paul:
  I just attended a meeting at the Double Tree in Pasco yesterday and it seems Pasco is doing strange things with their numbers. Pasco is again the second largest high school in Washington (after being pushed into 3rd for a while) and "unofficially" has around 2500 kids. Apparently they do not count the 9th graders who are in another wing. I don't know why.

Pat Fleming (63)
Kennewick, WA