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Aug 13, 2002

9 Bulldogs today:
Bobbie Sue Cooney Hergert (`53)
Gary E. Miller (`55)
Linda Hensley Boblet (`58)
Cheryl Epp Hair (`60)
Dave Whitmire (`62)
Marcia Myers (`63)
JoAnn St.Pierre Donohue (`65)
Karyn Turya Rehfeld (`67)
Gina Dockstader (`95)


From: Bobbie Sue Cooney Hergert (`53)

  I have seen no letters from members of the class of 1953. I suspect that somewhere before the class of about 1955, we oldies using the computer are fewer and fewer. But there must be some of us! I have been lurking and enjoying the letters for a while now. I will toss in some things I remember from the years of about 1947 to 1953. Maybe there are some "oldie" lurkers out there who will remember more and will write.

...The spring and early summer lakes at the sand dunes where we used to swim. (about where the bridge to Richland is now)?
...How the water froze between Wade Island (or was it Waites?) and the shore and it was the only place to ice skate?
...We used to swim at Wade Island too? (Waites?)
...The BIG salmon that used to end up on the beach. The willows along the river?
...The flood of 1947 or 1948 and the emergency center in the park? Some of us were working in the canteen to provide meals. Remember the rattlesnakes that rode the river on the floating sagebrush and managed to land and make it into town?
...Remember the youth center (quansets) in the Sylvester park?
...Remember all the neat stuff at the teen center in the city park?
...Remember jumping into and playing in the big pits where they composted the leaves in the fall at the city park?
...Remember the deer in the cage at the city park?
...Remember Mrs. Whiteside and Miss Waite, sixth grade teachers at Longfellow, and the soccer games out on the field and the softball games with Whittier? I still have ridges on my shins from the soccer games and the engineer boots the boys used to wear!
...Mr. Dyer was the principal?
...Remember the center stairs that went clear up to Mrs. Whiteside's room almost in a loft at the old Longfellow? Is it at that school that I remember the "slide" fire escapes?
...Remember the airplanes that were "NEVER" buried out on the old Navy base property in the dunes, that the wind used to uncover and we crawled all over?
...Remember Bernice Davidson and all the plays at Pasco High School -- Barretts of Wimpole Street and Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, and many more?
...Remember Mr. Gregson and the tennis team, and the wild flower project in Biology class? I never thought the desert was empty after that. We found hundreds of flowers! I live on the "wet" side now but I still love the beauty of the desert.
...Remember the "Wasco" and writing articles and getting ads for it?
...Remember the Spudnut shop?
...Remember all the "dead" grenades we used to find out on the old base?
...Remember swimming class and the enormous pool on the base? We used to get 3 ft. high waves going on that big pool.
...Remember "swamp coolers?"
...Remember how hot those second floor classrooms at the old high school used to get?!

  I would like to see some more memories from the classes of 1952 and 1953.

Bobbie Sue Cooney Hergert (`53)

From: Gary E. Miller (`55)

To Don Bailey (`56):
  What a surprise to hear you are among the living. I think we lost track of each other somewhere in the early 60s -- about the time the technical publication we shared authorship on came out. I was going over some old photos the other day and came across one of you piloting the boat you and your dad built (I remember some fun water ski times with that boat). Do you still play any tennis -- or are you too busy being VP, etc.? Sounds like your kids turned out great. I too have 3 -- a professor (girl), an optometrist (girl), and a cop (boy). Also have 2 grandsons (3 years and 3 months). First marriage lasted 22 years before divorce -- 2nd is in its 19th year and going strong. Call if you get close. I'll buy lunch. We can share a few war stories.

To Colleen Alvis Bandy (`55):
  Nice to hear from you. I was just in Tigard this weekend playing in a USTA Regional Tennis Tournament.

Gary E. Miller (`55)
Kennewick, WA

From: Linda Hensley Boblet (`58)

  It is so fun to read everyone's comments about the past. Brings back many many memories.

  Hey, Julia Whitby Kennedy, are you by any chance one of the Whitby twins? Your sister is Joan? Do you remember my sister Julie, you and your sister and I playing together when we lived in Navy Homes? I hate to give the silly details of one game we played, but had to do with finding gifts for each other. Do you remember?

  To anyone out there from the class of 56, I still have not been able to find my childhood friend, Dick Bruce. I was told he might be in Butte, Montana, but there is no listing.

Linda Hensley Boblet (`58)
Kennewick, WA

From: Cheryl Epp Hair (`60)

  Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I recognize a FEW of the names! I live about 50 miles from Pasco on a wheat farm with my husband Fred. We shop and do our business and attend church in Walla Walla. Two of our 3 children live there. Our son-in-law, Andrew Ueckert, has just been hired as the band director at WA HI. I am very happy that he brought our oldest daughter, Vicki, and our 3 grandchildren with him! They have moved to the area from Missoula where he was band director at Big Sky.

  Anyway that's the big thing in our lives right now and I'd be thrilled to hear from anyone who wants to respond!

Cheryl Epp Hair (`60)

From: Dave Whitmire (`62)

  After reading so many comments about former teachers, I felt I would chime in with a couple of my favorites growing up in Pasco.
  Many of you wrote about Ms. Stormant (sp). She indeed was an exceptional teacher and person. Rock hunting with her was fun and it was even more fun to come back to her place and cut and polish what had been found that day.
  Another teacher that went out of his way to help kids and be involved out of classroom, was Phil Corkrum. Neat guy, and was always giving up his time to shuffle many of us off to Junior Olympic meets in Yakima, etc. Today's world could use more people like him.
  Miss Ogata is another teacher that made a difference in many of our lives. Her sitting up on her platform looking out upon us and trying to get us to write a legible paper of any sort I'm sure was her goal.

  All of us that write into this site have great memories of things that happened either in or out of school. One of the more interesting things that happened to me was during my junior year. I was in Advanced Biology taught by Mr. Wiseman. We had been studying the effects of psychological experiments on animals. Pavlov's stuff, etc. For about three or four days, Mr. Wiseman, and this senior kid whose name escapes me, had been arguing about whether the experiments were effective or not. Finally, on the fourth day Mr. Wiseman had had enough and told the kid to go to the office. Things got heated and Russ got all red-faced and started toward the kid. He managed to shoo the kid into the hall where they really got into a shouting match. At this point the student said, "I hate you, I hate you," and shot Russ twice. Mr. Wiseman fell to the floor clutching his chest. All of us in class were in shock except for Larry Krueger. I told everyone to stay cool and then ran into the chemistry lab. I announced loudly that Wiseman had been shot and to stay in the room. Next I picked up the largest beaker that I could find in order to attack the shooter from behind. Scared beyond belief, I opened the back door in the lab very slowly expecting the shooter to be about ten feet away. To my surprise he had vanished. So had Mr. Wiseman. I told everyone to stay put in the lab and rushed back into my classroom to tell them the same. After I told them to stay put -- Mr. Wiseman said, "Thanks Dave, we will." He was sitting is class very much alive and so was the shooter. Just slightly embarrassed of having made a complete fool out of myself I sat down in my chair -- beaker and all. Russ had been recording it in order to let us hear our reaction to his pre-staged acting job. It didn't get any better for me the second time either.

Dave Whitmire (`62)
Olympia, WA

From: Marcia Myers (`63)

Paul and You All,
  The mention of tack weed's affront to bike tires brought to mind how omnipresent "Never Leak" was at our house. My brother Jerry talked about it incessantly. Having never raised children where that horrid weed resided -- is it still a necessary item? I guess the tires are tubeless nowadays, guess I didn't notice since they weren't always going flat.

  Rick Givan, your story about study hall rocked!! Wish we could find Tom Mathews, anyone know where he might be?

Marcia Myers (Keeper of the List for `63)
Vancouver, WA

From: JoAnn St.Pierre Donohue (`65)

To Paul Case,
  Hope your son enjoyed being at the game. Did you see the bloody face on the guy that did come up with the 600th ball? Hope his wounds weren't too serious. My seats are behind the Giants Dugout, so even if I had been at the park, no chance of me getting that ball. However, there were a few foul balls that came near my seat at good old Candlestick Park. I know now to run for cover. Idiots will literally dive right on top of you to get a foul ball. They seem to be a little better behaved in the new park. Besides, I already have a Barry Bonds autographed ball. It's personalized, so has no value, except to me!
  As poorly as the Giants are playing these days, they are optimistic, as I just got my bill today for post season playoffs and world series.

  I would like to thank John Morgan and Salle Bower for the update on Mrs. Parker, my third grade teacher. I was so happy to hear that she's active and doing volunteer work at 93 years of age. Would you believe she volunteers at Robert Frost Elementary helping 3rd graders with their reading!

  Still looking for my childhood best friend, Kay Greeno, class of 66.

  Best Wishes to Everyone.

JoAnn St.Pierre Donohue (`65)
San Jose, CA

From: Karyn Turya Rehfeld (`67)

To Le'Ann McAllister Cherry:
  I sure remember all of those hide & seek games, spin the bottle, truth or dare with all the kids in our neighborhood. Great memories of the neighborhood, including the horny toads in that vacant lot. I wrote my first term paper in Mr. McGee's class on ants because of all of the red ant hills in that field.

  The class reunion was fun and very relaxing. Wish more people would plan to come in August of 2007 (put it on your calendars NOW - usually the 2nd weekend in August).

To Terri Walleston Simon:
  Wow great to hear from you. Haven't seen you for 25 years. Hope all is well in Portland.

Karyn Turya Rehfeld (`67)
Pasco, WA

From: Gina Dockstader (`95)

To Blaine Wiggins:
  It was good to see someone else online from our class. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! I talk to Pat every once in awhile also. I am living in Texas now working for Baylor University, and I really enjoy it. I'm glad to know that you are doing well. It is good to hear about home and people from home.

  Mom if you read this, I love and miss you! Anyone else out there from `95?

Gina Dockstader (`95)
Waco, TX