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PHS Bulldogs On-Line                          Aug 09, 2001

3 Bulldog alumni notes and an editor's request
Alan Taylor (67)
Paul Case (67)
Josh Case (00)

  I thought you might be interested in class distribution for PHS Bulldogs On-Line. This is how it shakes out of the database so far. Keep in mind that other Bulldogs are getting it forwarded so the numbers would be a little higher. I'd encourage folks who are receiving this through someone else to subscribe so they won't miss any earth-shattering revelations that might find their way into this forum! I might some day relate how things went after I received the football scholarship to UW in 1967!

Class  Count
1953    1
1960    4
1961    3
1962    6
1963   81
1964    3
1965    1
1966    2
1967   26
1969    1
1989    1
1991    1
1997    2
2000    1
2001    1

  Slightly unbalanced, wouldn't you say? Now I don't want to get some friendly rivalry going here (hint, hint), but maybe you always friendly Bulldog alumni will help spread the word about this stimulating communiqué!

  The other request I have is closely related. As you can see, the PHS Bulldogs On-Line e-mail is sent directly to 135 alumni, plus how ever many others get it forwarded to them. Trouble is, only a handful of those 135+ have sent any memories, trivia, fun or thoughtful stuff in to share with everyone. The more folks who send something in, the more synergistic, entertaining, lively, and reminiscent this will be. Besides, I need some help remembering what the heck I did in high school! (Careful now - my kids read this, too!) One request I have heard several times is, “Where is everybody and what are they doing today?” Well, where are you and what are you doing today? Let's see how many of you can send that in in the next two weeks. Anyone on the lam from the badge is excused, but everybody else is asked to send in a short snippet to get fellow alumni up to date. It doesn't have to be long - a sentence or two will do.
  How `bout it, Bulldogs?! - Paul


From: Alan Taylor (67)

  Geez! Where does one start in picking up old memories. I suppose my strongest influence from days in Pasco (other than my folks!) was my times spent with the drum & bugle corp. I always have been involved in music . . mostly playing, even though I have been teaching music for the past 23 yrs. Just last month I got to play in front of my old band teacher, Mr. Herbig down here in Oregon. He was always so full of energy and the kind of stuff that motivated unmotivated students like me. He retired from Pendleton High in '91.

  I moved into a brand new house in 1956 on N Meridian St.(19th today) Yes, Paul, we were out on the edge of town.... only tumbleweeds & sand west of the neighborhood. Then came Richardson Park, named after Dave & Phil Richardson's family. The "big" kids dug tunnels and made agreat fort there, but us little kids were not allowed. Nearby, in the winter, some of us kids would hickey-bob onthe rear bumpers of unsuspecting cars.... yeah, real smart!  . . about as smart as the times we would go fluming, wearing out the seats in our shorts and wearing out our parents nerves!

  I've been lucky enough to live in many parts of the U.S. but never felt at home til I moved back to the Northwest. I left Pasco to go into the Navy the month that Columbia Center opened . . . . any trivia guesses?  It was October of '69. That certainly changed the face of downtown. Does anyone remember sitting on Santa's lap at the intersectionof 4th & Lewis during Christmas time?  It was just down the street from Wade's clothing, where my dad worked as a salesman.

  OK, one more memory....1960 - "West Side Story" at the Liberty Theater...... and walking home in the dark, snapping our fingers like we were one of the Sharks or Jets..... way cool, man! (OK, we were a strapping 10 yearsold . .  but visualize!)

  Paul, I have a few stories on you . .  but I'll wait.  Meantime, keep doing this website!

Alan Taylor (67)
Hood River, OR

From: Paul Case (67)

  To Ron Dupuis:
  I agree it seems a shame that the PHS-KHS homecoming tradition has been lost. But maybe there were good reasons to make a change. I remember shots being fired one year when we tried to burn the KHS wood pile! Probably a shotgun fired in the air, but we didn't stick around to find out! I suppose it's not a bad thing if today's rivalries are a little more peaceful. What the heck, we've still got our memories of bonfires, collecting and guarding mountains of wood, cruising 4th, Lewis, 10th, the old green bridge, Zip's, and back. I think I'm more saddened by the removal of the inlaid Bulldog in the PHS foyer.

  To Pat McNeill:
  The Class of 1963 has some pictures on their web site. There are some old pictures of Pasco stuff and some Sinewesah pictures, too. Go to and follow the links. Maybe someone knows of some other pics on the web? Or maybe someone has time for a project?

  To Rick Givan:
  The first time I ever went to the flume was at night - after working at the Pasco swimming pool. Mike Denning (68) and I were taken there by another guy who worked at the pool (can't remember his name, but heard he ended up in jail for something). It was about 11:00 pm. He drove us up the road next to the flume to where we could sort of slide down the sloped sides. Couldn't see a thing! Anyway, down we go - slowly! Mike and I weren't too sure what we had gotten into and took it pretty slow at first. Then we
got a little braver and slid all the way to where it levels off and the backwash helped stop us. So then we ask this guy, “That was fun, now how do we get out?” THEN he tells us we have to jump off!! Great! We can't see how far down the water is, but he assures us it isn't too bad. We used to jump off the (now) blue bridge all the time, but that was in the daylight! We still couldn't see a thing, we could just hear a whoosh, whoosh as the water came down the flume in small waves, went over the edge and hit the surface of the lagoon. I think we sat on the edge for an hour before we got enough guts to jump!
  Of course we were hooked then, although I don't remember going out there at night again. During the next few years after that there were mothers bringing out station wagons (remember those?) full of kids to enjoy that recreational wonder of the Tri-Cities!
  But it was a sad day when George Muse was killed there. Thankfully, I wasn't there when it happened, but a lot of my friends were and it really hit them hard.

  To Ron Buckles:
  Wow! The Clover Island jump! I'd forgotten all about that. I can't remember (lots of things!) if I ever drove one of my cars over the jump, but I do remember being weightless in some other cars a time or two. And yeah, the girls (and guys, too) would really scream the first time. Then they would help get some other unsuspecting riders!

Paul Case (67)
Over 100 degrees in Pasco, WA

From: Josh Case (01)

  I think I might be the first person to write into this who didn't graduate in the 60s, but hey, diversity is a good thing! And maybe some of you will know what I'm talking about. I have a great memory from my junior year when the Pasco High football team won the state championship. I was in the marching band that year, so I "had to" be at all the home games, but those games were fun to watch! The greatest one was, of course, the state championship game. Since I was in marching band, I not only was able to get into the game for free, but I got a front row seat for the game. But wow, watching the Pasco High team play in the Tacoma Dome and shut out the #1 offense in the state was just a neat experience. For not being from the west side of the state, we didn't get much respect or recognition before the game, but when it was over and a "no football scholarships" team beat a Tacoma powerhouse, we earned the respect we deserved. Were any of you at that state championship game? Or were you at any of the games during the season? I believe the season was during the Fall of 1998. It was an awesome year for the city of Pasco because it got the whole community involved in the high school. Go Pasco!!!

Josh Case (00)
Pasco, WA