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PHS Bulldogs On-Line                          Jul 14, 2001

4 Bulldog alumni notes today:
Tom Brandon (61)
Rick Givan (63)
Patti Scharf Noakes (67)
Paul Case (67)


From: Tom Brandon (61)

HUGE! fund raising effort beginning for Edgar Brown Memorial Stadium.  Artificial Turf (Field Turf like Husky Stadium) and new buildings. Contact me for info how you can help.

Tom Brandon (61)
Pasco, WA

From: Rick Givan (63)


     I'm sitting under a pine tree
     on the free library lawn
     of a Northwest town
     on the first hot night
     in June, 1965.
     Holding my right hand
     is a shy pretty blonde
     in a faded purple dress
     with a small bleach stain
     on the upper left sleeve.
     I sense the cool bark layers
     of the young pine
     stroking my back
     through the thin T-shirt.
     I'm warmed by thoughts
     of our day at Hat Rock;
     it's the time of the season.
     I glance over at her,
     and I'm surprised to see
     she's been looking at me.
     Her eyes reflect that
     she's about to say
     what no one but my Mom
     has ever told me.
     Even thirty years later
     I recall my shocked brain note:
     this moment's important,
     I'll store it in a safe place.
     You'll need its warmth
     in lonelier times.
     Don't call it up
     too often though.
     Details will fade
     with frequent exposure.

The place was the Carnegie Free Library on 4th St. in Pasco.  The young lady was a Methodist minister's daughter from Kennewick.  I understand she later married a budding Methodist minister, a much more apt choice.

Rick Givan (63)
Cabot, PA

From: Patti Scharf Noakes (67)

To: All Class of 1967 Alumni
You've been invited to the PASCO Class of 1967's 35-Year Reunion! We are looking forward to getting together again and would love to have your help! If you want to get involved, contact me through the website.  Then we will set a date and place to meet. It will be fun to talk about the old(?) days and make plans for the BIG PARTY next summer!

To learn more about PASCO Class of 1967 Reunion, go to your reunion page at by clicking this link:

Patti Scharf Noakes (67)
Kennewick, WA

From: Paul Case (67)

OK, fellow Bulldog alumni, where are your memories of growing up in Pasco, enjoying your Bulldog "careers," historical (hysterical?) Pasco (or Tri-City) trivia, etc., etc? We can't send out blank e-mails Bulldog notes!!  Please send something in! Short, long, in between - doesn't matter.

To: Rick Givan
I remember Sanders Field in Kennewick. I only remember going to a few baseball games, though. The last events I attended were roller derby games - early sixties, I think. The structures were getting to be in poor shape by that time.

I also played Little League baseball at Memorial Park. Yep, just a cap and a t-shirt for uniforms. I played for Dunning Ray one year. It was a big deal to do to their office after a win to collect the ten-cent reward! But that was enough for a soda pop or a Tastee Freeze treat!

To: Jeff Arbogast
Tri-City Sports Shop! Wow, I had forgotten about that place! On Lewis Street, right? That's where I learned to play pool. None of this quarter-in-the-slot eight-ball stuff that's in the taverns. It was call-your-shot straight pool. I haven't played in years - not sure I would know which end of the cue stick to use!

An interesting web site at lists PHS football scores all the way back to 1913! It doesn't appear to be an active site, but I've sent an e-mail to an address listed to see if someone is watching it. The records were reportedly compiled by Lorin St. John, a Richland High graduate. Take a look. Anyone know anybody connected with this page?

Paul Case (67)
Hot again in Pasco, WA