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PHS Bulldogs On-Line       Jul 06, 2001

6 Bulldog alumni notes and one Othello grad entry today:
Irma Kulp Zacher (60)
Ron Dupuis (62)
Rick Givan (63)
Sandra Green Reuther (63)
Paul A. Franz (Othello 64)
Marcia Bailie Plows (66)
Paul Case (67)



From: Irma Kulp Zacher (60)

To Paul Case (67):
Paul...I played tennis with your sister Linda, for PHS in '59 & '60. I served with Linda as a Girl's League Officer in '59-'60. Also belonged to GAA (Girls Athletic Assoc.) with Linda.

Your brother Dave married to Pat Bell Case...Pat's brother Martin (now deceased) was best man at our wedding in Dec. 63. Have known Dave and Pat for years. See you can't get away with anything. For being so large, the world is very small.

I remember the Social Club. Great memories of teen dances. They brought in big names in music. I got to see Conway Twitty there in '59 or '60 what a teenage thrill. That was a place where teens from all over our area could mingle, whereas most of the other teen dances were limited to same town or same school members.

To: Lois Benson Kincaid:
I played tennis with your sister Betty Benson Morehouse in 1960 for PHS. Have known Irv Morehouse & family for many years. Irv ... a very good friend of my brother Spence class of 1958. Irv's younger brother Kent Morehouse, drops by our home on occasion and the guys talk engines/car talk.

Jerry Carr's brother Bob ('58) is also a family friend and friend of Irv's.

To: Marcia Myers:
Your sister Sally Myers Merriman (class of '60) is a friend and alumni classmate of mine.

To: Marcia Bailie Plows:
Sister to my classmate Jim Bailie ('60). Tell Dick that we are willing to ignore some of the Bomber antagonists, as we have mellowed with age and the rivalry seems a fun thing of the past. And yes, the Bombers have a great website to go to. Hey, Marcia...I keep hearing you referred to as Auntie Marcia. Hear you are going to be a great aunt in the next two or three weeks, again. Jaime Bailie came by Sunday for a chat.

We see Larry Merk occasionally...talks engines to my husband Don ('59). We didn't realize that Larry was a PHS alumni.

We enjoyed the notes from Judy in Florida, about Pasco High, Florida and also the Othello story writer about similar teacher names.  I'll be anxious to hear if the teachers were related.

How about the Richland Council Club? Anyone remember that in '60s? Think you had to be 21 to go there.

How about the dances out at the Star Grange in '50s & 60s? Long drive! Some interesting tales came back from those trips. Always wondered how many of the tales were true...again maybe I didn't want to know.

The Sand Dunes---how far back? Don't know, but I recall talk of "keggers" in the Rd. 68 dunes from the classes of '57-'58-'59-'60. Cars getting stuck in the sand dunes, police raids. Again, I wonder how many enlarged tales were told.

How about the "Senior Sneak". Class of '60 went to a Dude Ranch with hot springs pool in middle of winter, with ice and snow surrounding the outdoor swimming area. Pool was warm and friendly, but the air above water was freezing.

We also got to horse back ride the mountain trails. Do they do the "Sneaks" anymore?

The graduation "All Night Parties" put on by school, parents and businesses. Great times!

Yesterday we attended big 4th of July bash at Tom ('59)& Millie Kidwell's yesterday. Saw Dennis ('60) & Kari (Bowerman-'61) Garman, Eddie Pfister ('60), John & Linda (Nagley) Goulet  ('60), Henry Kidwell ('60), Susie (Goulet) & husband Ron Collins, and many other PHSers of various ages. Lots of reminscing.

Gosh these stories that alumni are sending in, are so fun and bring back good memories.

Irma Kulp Zacher (60)

From: Ron Dupuis (62)

Hello fellow Bulldogs. This is such a wonderful site that a few members of the class of 63 have created. I thought our class of 62 was one of the best but you guys have  taken the initiative and created a wonderful site for us to stay in touch. It has been great reading and hearing from familiar classmates. So many memories and where has the time gone. Next year will be our 40th reunion.

(Note: This was developed by Class of 67 alumni, see my entry below - Paul)

Some of you have mentioned the Social Club that used to be in Kennewick. I can remember going up there for dances and listening to Paul Revere and The Raiders play there. Shortly thereafter they went on to national fame. Paul still has the band and they play about 200 dates a year. If you ever have the chance to see them in person, by all means go to see them play. There are an absolute kick.. I took our ten year old (at the time) to see them and she had a ball..

I am still thankful that we live here in Snohomish, Wa. and can still go over to the Tri-Cities and see old,  yes we are- classmates. Those of you who have stayed in touch with former  classmates know how precious those relationships are. I remember so many summers spending the  day up at the Pasco Golf Course playing golf with Loren Larson,,(still do to this day), Bob Hull, Dave Whitmire, Mike Schoeppach and etc.. We could play all day for 77 cents. I can't believe  that sometimes we would play over fifty holes in that heat.

It's been great reading all the messages and reliving old memories that I haven't thought about for a long time. I'm sure as time goes by more and more classmates  will discover this site and respond. I came down to play golf with a number of classmates at your last reunion and had a great time. It was great seeing people that I hadn't seen in a long time.

Take care.
Ron Dupuis (62)
Snohomish, WA

From: Rick Givan (63)

So what, if anything, is next, relative to locating a classmate etc.? I'm particularly interested in finding a friend from '63:  Gary Reed (Fuzz).

Rick Givan (63)
Cabot, PA

From: Sandra Green Reuther (63)

Classmates - I thought you'd enjoy this e-mail from Paul Franz. Maybe the two Mr. Perraults were brothers???

Dave, thanks for sharing the web page info with Paul.

Sandra Green Reuther (63)
Boulder City, NV

From: "Paul A. Franz, P.E."
Subject: couple memories for your pages.

I have been looking at your memories page and you sure have kindled some memories.

I grew up in Othello, Class of 64 and Pasco being the big city to us and of course Moses Lake. The memories I have that you didn't include much were Pioneer Days and John Deere Day and KEPR Radio 610. Pasco had neighboring irrigation districts and blocks like Block 1 that preceded the block our farms were in - Block 49. I remember Ag classes and FFA.

Of course you mentioned the drive-in Zips. I really remember High School days and going to dances at the Plumbers and Steamfitters. The illegal drag races and trips out to Horn Rapids Roads for some night time drags.

You say the dream car was a 1957 Chev? Well a real hot rod was even more of a dream then. A 1927 T Roadster with a 327, for example.

By the way, I went to CBC 65 - 66 and lived in a rented apartment at 726 W Yakima, not too far from the Mayfair you site.

Oh, BTW, I have a long time friend - David Demitruk (architect) who was in your class of 63 that sent me the URL's for your reunion page. I was amazed at the name familiarity I had when I didn't even go to your schools. One really strange thing is that you have a photo of one of your 6th grade classes taught by a Mr. Perrault. Well that same school year 1956 - 57, I was in 5th grade in Othello and I too had a teacher named Bob Perrault that looked the same. I wondered if the year was wrong possibly. But the placard clearly states "6th grade" and Lonnie Fricke and Jim Coffee are shown in the photo who I do know to be a year ahead of me in school. But what is odd is the teacher's name of Perrault and he looks just like a teacher I had the same year with that name.

Mention the radio stations, KORD, KALE where we listened to rock and roll and the older KEPR with the TV station too.

Paul Franz (Othello 64)

From: Marcia Bailie Plows (66)

To: Irma Zacher:
Hi Irma, Since you and my brother were in the same class your memories of the drag races seem a little different than mine. What I remember was that they always seemed to culminate with a fight or the police showing up, and every one high tailing it out of there. (Where ever "there" was). The funniest memory I have, was one Sunday mornings Tri-City Herald had a picture, front page, of the illegal drag races. And if my memory serves me it was Glen Sickles' car with license plate as clear as day. At the time his dad was the Sheriff, I believe. Oops!!

PS.. I agree that there needs to be more notes submitted. Just to let everyone know who is out there. Where is the class of '66?

As Always,
Marcia Bailie Plows (66)
Sisters, OR

From: Paul Case (67)

To: Irma Kulp Zacher:
Wow! It is a small world, huh? My sister, Linda (61) is in the process of moving, but has promised to write in when settled. I'm sure Dave & Pat (both 63) will jump in here if we mention their names enough - or when the fishing gets bad!

I do remember the Council Club at the Richland Labor Temple. I joined it for a while when I was an apprentice electrician in the 70s. I didn't go there very regularly, but played a lot of pool there. I'm not sure if it's still used as a "club" these days or not.

I don't think they have Senior Sneaks anymore. At least I don't remember our class having one. We did have to sneak, however, to use our cars at lunch time. Ol' Harvey Hart used to go to great lengths to catch us (must've learned a lot from Col. Gregson!), butwe were successful most of the time. Trouble was, we had to park so far away sometimes that I'm not sure it was always worth the trouble! It was a fun challenge, though!

Speaking of radio stations, does anyone remember KPKW? - I think those were the call letters. I seem to remember that being one of the popular stations in the early 60s.

Does anyone know if the PHS Class of 1988 web site is being maintained? It would sure be nice to see some other Pasco Bulldog web sites!

To Ron Dupuis:
Maybe you're talking about the PHS Class of 1963 web site's Memories page at There's some good stuff there that should kindle some nostalgic brain cells in all of us. Everyone should take a look! But, for the record, this e-mail newsletter and PHS Bulldogs On-Line was developed by Class of 1967 alumni as an easy way for all Bulldog alumni to stay in touch.

Paul Case (67)
Hot on the 4th (>100), but cooler today in Pasco, WA