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Premier Issue!!
PHS Bulldogs On-Line
June 19, 2001

2 entries:
Irma Zacher 1960
Le'Ann Cherry 1967

From: Irma Zacher (Krup, 1960)

In January of 1955, I entered 7th grade, mid-year, at the old Junior High on Third Street, the old McLaughlin (Alias PHS of yesteryear--before current PHS was built).  What a culture shock! I had lived in a small town of 2000 population, north of Bellingham. Entering Pasco, I was suddenly immersed in a large diverse student population, in a much, much larger town of 13,000 population. I went from a one-teacher class in Lynden, to a six teacher/six hour class day, in Pasco. The halls were crowded and noisy at Mc Laughlin.  It was quite unnerving to a small town girl.  It didn't take long for me to learn to elbow my way from class to class, nor to remember to take my full load of books everywhere with me, as there might not be enough time in the ten minutes allotted between classes to fight my way to my locker and then on to the next class. By the end of that first year...I was no longer a novice at getting to class on time and in one piece. Much of the old Junior High has been demolished. The main part of the building has been converted to Pasco City Offices.

In 7th grade '55, Mr. Kosnik was my homeroom teacher. In 8th grade-'55-'56. Mrs. Kelly McFadden was my home room teacher. Wow, could she teach English! She now lives in Spokane. She has come to our area a number of times for the class of' '59 and ' 60 Reunions.  In 9th grade, '56-'57, Miss Rusick (better known as the Art Teacher), was my homeroom teacher. Do you know she is teaching on the college campus at EWU, Cheney?  Mrs. Margaret Racy was my 9th gr. Health Teacher and I again had her for a teacher at C.B.C. in P.E. classes and extra curricular sports. Her husband Mike was my Algebra and Science teacher at the Jr. High. Mike and Margaret (living in Kennewick) often join our Class of '60 Reunions. They are such fun.  Those teachers never seem to age.

I recall the Taylor Maid across the street from the Jr. High.  Since I had to catch a bus immediately after school, there was rarely time to run across and grab a soft drink and/or fries, but after special events at school & when not taking the bus, I remember 'hitting' the Taylor Maid with great and lasting friends, many of whom I now see every 5 years at our PHS Reunions.

The Teenage dances at the Community Center, a couple of times a week, bring fond memories of our youth.  We learned to dance by ourselves, with other girls and even with a boy or two, when they weren't too bashful to give it a whirl. Remember the Bunny Hop and the Twist? So sad that the Community Center was demolished this year to make way for progress.

Then on to many fine memories at Pasco High School as sophomores. I always wondered how Jerry Cooney's car got up on the steps/entry patio, outside the foyer in 1958? I also remember Mr. Robert Gregson and his 'mean green machine'  traveling the avenues of Pasco, his yearly birthday parties that the tennis team gave Mr. Gregson at his home. He was a great sport! He was my tennis coach, Chemistry Teacher and the Vice Principal at PHS, Mr. Morgan was the Principal. Those were good years. We didn't have "NO TOLERANCE-NO WEAPONS" Rules, we had MR. GREGSON! We didn't need those rules.

Yes, I remember the old green bridge....It, too, has now been demolished and the Cable Bridge has replaced it. I remember 'the dummy', hung in effigy on the bridge during the Homecoming events in '58 & '59, and the rivalry between PHS & KHS. I recall the challenge between classes...who could build the biggest bonfire for Homecoming. I remember sitting out at many cold and/or wet football games hardly noticing the weather, cheering on the Bulldogs. Those were the good ol' days, weren't they! After the games...the A & W or Artic Circle or Teenage, were the places to go. Remember those delicious fries at the Artic Circle and the great root beer mugs and/or floats at the A & W?  How about the Tastee Freeze...tater tots to die for and milkshakes.

What about the Study Hall in the cafeteria?  I never saw anybody study! I did see a lot of notes being passed around. I often wondered why that was a required class! We WERE able to use up our scraps of paper with notes...waste not, want not! Save a Tree!

The Flume! Wow, that was one dangerous ride. Off limits today. And those irrigation pipes. Why did they make them so long?  Whoever invented the wheel lines, must be a millionaire. I bet it was someone who had to move pipes as a kid!

Forty-one years have passed since the year of my graduation, but the memories are still as fond and maybe even fonder with the passing years. I look forward to our "every five year reunion', seeing old friends and enjoying reminiscing about the pranks that were pulled, the good times and the great people with whom we shared these experiences.

Most of you know about the Moore Manson burning a couple of months ago. The owners are spending a million dollars to reconstruct the damaged building. The Mansion was designated as a Historical Building some years ago. Daily as I cross the Blue Bridge on my way to work (teaching at Vista Elementary in Kennewick), I watch with appreciation, the progress of the Mansion as it is being restored to its original stature and elegance.

Irma Zacher

Le'Ann Cherry (McAllister, 1967)

This is a wonderful sight and will get even better if we have enthusiastic responses from all of you Bulldogs and former Bulldogs out there. Tell everyone you know and check this address often. Let's have some great thoughts, ideas, and reunions right here on-line.....See you here

Le'Ann Cherry

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