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PHS Alumni On-Line
Apr 29, 2003

9 Bulldogs and an editorial announcement today:
Juanita (Nita) Benson (`46)
Dottie Dixon (`58)
Bonnie Beard (`59)
Pat Mitchell (`62)
Marcia Myers (`63)
Eileen Lew (`68)
Keven Sandquist (`69)
Allison Price (`89)
Katie Gordon (`94)


** The Final Edition?
  In the past three days the PHS Alumni inbox has been inundated with nearly 60 bogus e-mails caused by another virus-infected computer(s) "spoofing" this e-mail address.
At least half of the messages also contained infected files. At this point I have no choice except to close the alumni mailbox and suspend PHS Alumni On-Line.
  If I can figure out a way to completely hide the e-mail address on the web site (more than it is now) I will try to start this up again. The idea would be to prevent anyone from storing this e-mail address in their computer's address book. That would force everyone to go to the PHS Alumni web site to send in entries. Or maybe I'll try again in a month - maybe the person(s) with an infected computer will fix things by then.

  In case I don't get this back up, thanks to all of you for your support, kind words of encouragement, etc. You are the ones who have made this work - I have only taken your words and memories and sent them out to everyone else. Almost a plagiarism of sorts, I guess. It was (and is) fun being a Pasco Bulldog. Make sure you go to your next reunion - it just might refresh some wonderful memories! And it's always great to see some long lost faces.

Best Bulldog Wishes to everyone!

Paul Case (`67)


From: Juanita (Nita) Benson Rettinghouse (`46)

To Jim Coffey:
  Jim, were your folks Jim & Jane Coffey who were partners in Clover-Leaf Bowling kna Go-Bowl? If so, is your mother still living & where is she now?

To Andy Johnson:
  Greetings & Salutations to you, too, #1 son! It's exciting to find the family on this wonderful site. I'm fascinated by your memories of your youth. Unbelievable that we both still live in this town, but rarely reminiscence of the past. I'll be looking forward to more of your youthful experiences. Keep'em coming. - lovingly Mom

To Paul Case:
  Thanks for your faithful diligence on our behalf. Your efforts are greatly appreciated, Paul.

Juanita (Nita) Benson Rettinghouse (`46)
Pasco, WA


From: Dottie Dixon Nichols (`58)

  PHS `58 Reunion - Life is getting shorter, let's do something together.

  Glad to see Pat Allman asking about our 45-year reunion. We've lost too many recently to not be realizing how quickly life is slipping away. ( Whoops, don't let Mrs. McFadden know I ended a sentence with a preposition.)

  I live out of the area, but I always enjoy meeting former classmates. I am willing to help in some way -- even if we just have a potluck picnic. Something is better than nothing.

Dottie Dixon Nichols (`58)
Chelan, WA

From: Bonnie Beard Cameron (`59)

  Paul, my company has had some real problems with the Klez. All their computers are networked. In fact it took my pc down at work and home because somehow my Norton Antivirus was NOT ACTIVATED. Everybody should always check the icon down on the right bottom of their desk top to see if it says "activated" every time they turn their computer on. Plus the Anti-Virus program should be set up so that it checks both incoming AND outgoing mail. One of the solutions that our IT department passed on to us out in the field was:

  1) If you do not recognize the sender, send back a reply and ask them if they sent it to you.
  2) If you recognize the sender, but there is no correspondence below, but there is an attachment, DO NOT OPEN IT!

Once again "reply" and ask the sender if they sent the email. Unfortunately, the problem is that the Klez attaches itself to "all" addresses and the sender does not even know about it. If a strict procedure is followed they will alert the senders that they have the virus which will eventually kill it off. Currently, I get very little virus action thank heaven.

Bonnie Beard Cameron (`59)

From: Pat Mitchell (`62)

Hi Paul,
  People who play with the sendmail program in UNIX can make up fictitious "from" addresses on the email they send out. I also have received similar emails. It's hard to track scoundrels who send this stuff from the shadows.

Pat Mitchell (`62)
Beaverton, OR

From: Marcia Myers (`63)

  This is sure a tuffy for you -- Thank God I'm not one of them!
  As always, thanks so much for your very good work that you do for all of us. If Pat and Dave buy one of the cook books for the Class of `63 I hope they'll let you read it -- some terrific stories as well as delicious recipes available at our Big 4--0 in July.

Best Bulldog Regards,

Marcia Myers (`63)
Vancouver, WA

From: Eileen Lew Crawford (`68)


Re Virus Alert:
  Thank you for the heads-up. I have not received correspondence from any of the attached. I do run Norton's continually. I have noticed being on Charter, their filters must be "out of whack." Lately, it seems I am attacked continually. The Norton's is stopping them though.

  I really admire you for sticking this out. I really enjoy the Alumni line. It is good for us to stay in touch. It is a feeling of "community" so many high schools and cities lack.

  Please, keep the faith and keep on keeping on. You are doing a super job!

Eileen Lew Crawford (`68)
Pasco, WA

From: Keven Sandquist (`69)

Hello all,
  Prompted by Andy Johnson's note, thought I'd add 2 cents to say many, many thanks to Paul for the continued effort he puts in so that folks like me and us can enjoy the comments and memories. It is good to see a "69" show up every now and again. There are others out there that it would be good to hear from and hope some of us will contribute.

  It's also been nice to see some of our numbers at the state tournaments to which the recent and current classes have taken the school's banner. Hopefully there will be more. Saw Gary Peterson and Mike Guajardo at the BB tournament. Nice to see you guys and my hat off to you Mike for the contributions you have made to the community through your years of dedication at PHS. Good game, specially considering the competition, close and hopefully a better outcome another time.

  Nice day today on the wet side of the state, however, I always think of the weather in Pasco this time of year. The sun starts to feel warm to hot, plants blooming and everything starting to grow. In those days that seem not that long ago, but the reality of the mirror confirm how good memories are, life in our town was good. Man, did the hormones rage this time of year back in that day? Well, I guess back in that day, they raged all through the year. Friends and experiences have carried us through the years and in some cases, a long way away.

  The reunions that I have attended, have been fun, but few. It would be cool if our alums were to figure out how to put on an all class reunion. I know KHS did it a few years ago and from the reports I received, I wish I had gone. They had a good turn out and like Andy's others notes to friends from other class years, it would be fun to tip in a drink with old acquaintances from those classes. Don't know if this is an old idea or how it could happen, but would be cool. Fun to read how much life stayed the same for so many years, bracketed around ours. Personally, I think it was disco that killed it for everyone and negatively changed our life's forever!

  Oh Well (great song by Fleetwood Mac from their good years) thank you Andy for the note to cause me to wish you and all a warm hello, good memories and enjoy the spring time life that abounds around us.


Keven Sandquist (`69)
Tacoma, WA

From: Allison Price Winward (`89)

  I've enjoyed reading messages from some of my old classmates. We need more of us on board here!

  Just wanted to share some joy. Our second child, Ethan James Winward, was born on April 7th. His big sister Mason, 4 1/2, says that he's "precious." We've been living in Kennewick for about 2 years now, after living in Seattle for 6 years. It's great to be home!

  Take care, everyone; and keep in touch!

Allison Price Winward (`89)
Kennewick, WA

From: Katie Gordon Nelson (`94)

  Okay, Class of `94, I know it's hard to believe, but next year will be our 10-year reunion. The date hasn't been set yet, but I'm trying to get a comprehensive mailing list going. Please email me with your mailing address and that of anyone else you know from our class so I can get a letter out in the next couple of months.
I look forward to hearing from you!

Katie Gordon Nelson (`94)
Pasco, WA
That's all for today