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PHS Alumni On-Line
Mar 29, 2002

2 Bulldog notes and an important announcement today:
Marcia Myers (63)
Ginger Mitchell Wedin (64)


*** PHS Alumni On-Line Announcement ***

  OK, here's the deal. Everyone seems to enjoy reading the memories related by Pasco Bulldog alumni. Trouble is, with only about 200 subscribers there just aren't many people writing in very often. Many, like me, suffer from FMS (Fuzzy Memory Syndrome) and have only occasional bursts of reminiscent brain activity to be shared with other alumni. A larger (hopefully, much larger) subscriber base is what is needed to ensure sufficient collective alumni memories to keep this thing alive.
  I have made some progress in getting links to the PHS alumni web site added to other appropriate web sites, such as the new Pasco High, the Pasco School District, and Tri-City SportsNet web sites. I was turned down for the City of Pasco web site and I'm still waiting to hear from the Tri-Cities Visitor & Convention Bureau. There are other possibilities, but I'd like to see stronger stability (i.e., more subscribers) before making many more requests. I don't want to go back in a month and tell other sites that the PHS Alumni On-Line is no longer active and to remove the links.
  Links on other web sites to the PHS Alumni On-Line web page will certainly help, but word-of-mouth is what will produce rapid growth of the subscriber database, thus more memories, anecdotes, and trivia to read. A suggestion has been made that we have a contest to spur an increase in subscribers. The entry ticket will be a referral that results in a subscription to the newsletter of a PHS graduate not already subscribed. There are two ways to enter:

  1) Have the new subscriber visit the PHS Alumni On-Line web site ( and fill out and send in the subscription information. Be sure to have them add “referred by” and your name in the Comments box of the subscription form, or something to that effect so you will get credit for an entry to the contest.

  2) Send an e-mail directly to PHS Alumni On-Line with at least the new subscriber's name, class (maiden) name, if appropriate, class year, and e-mail address. Their current address is optional, but at least city and state would be appreciated. Please cc the person you are subscribing so that I know they are agreeable to you submitting their name.

  Ah! What's the prize, you ask. Actually there will be two prizes awarded. Jeff Jumper (62) has generously offered to donate two CDs with the winners' selections of favorite oldies from Jeff's collection of 50s, 60s and 70s music! And that's something you won't find in any store! Check out the Our Music page on PHS Bulldogs 1962 ( web site to see the huge selection that's available for the winners to pick from!

  One prize will be awarded in a random drawing from all entries received by the closing date. There's no limit on the number of entries per person as long as each is a new subscriber.
  The second prize will be awarded to the Bulldog that submits the most referrals of new subscribers.

  The contest begins immediately. All entries (i.e., new subscriptions) must be received by midnight on June 16, 2002, the one-year anniversary of PHS Alumni On-Line. The decision of the judge (that's me) will be final and results will be published on-line within 10 days of the contest closing date. If there's sufficient interest I may add a contest page to the web site so a running tally can be watched.
  I am hesitant to play the rivalry card and use the B-word, but maybe this will provide some added incentive. Maren Smyth (RHS 64), as of June 2001, had over 3,000 subscribers in her database for the Bombers' Alumni Sandstorm. They've been active since 1998 and Maren sends out a Sandstorm e-mail every day, usually with anywhere from 10 - 12 to more than 20 entries. No self-respecting Bulldog should take that lying down! Now I don't expect us to get that many subscribers in only nine months, or even a year, but we should be able to do better than 200 - like 1,000 maybe? The more subscribers we get, the more memories and trivial reminiscings there will be to read.
 So start telling your Bulldog friends to subscribe to PHS Alumni On-Line! Where else do you have two chances to win a CD with 22 favorite oldies, hand-selected by you! And the added satisfaction of knowing that our friendly Richland Bomber rivals have nothing over us as we grow to new bounds of Bulldog and Pasco pride!

  Questions? Submit them to PHS Alumni On-Line and I'll answer them in a newsletter.
 - Paul


From: Marcia Myers (63)

Hey Joe Cherry,
  What about Scout Moms? And beyond that, Den Mothers!!!!! Both of my boys won the Pinewood Derby. Man, the tension! For the two years before either of them got to that point they NEVER won one race and then on that last Race Night, they won them ALL!!!! So great . . . everyone should be a winner at least once in their life. And yes, I was a Den Mother and it was the longest year of my life. The "F" word was still in vogue and had worked its way down to Webeloe and Wolf level. Stan will always live on in my memory for his shock value (not my kid by the way.)
  Keep up your great stories, maybe some of them will show up as Mythology some day.

Marcia Myers (63)
Vancouver, WA

From: Ginger Mitchell Wedin (64)

To Dave Whitmire:
  Here are some fun games I remember:

  Lining up in a row by the outside wall of Capt. Grey. The first person threw the rubber ball against the building, and jumped over it - everyone would jump after it bounced once - seeing how many could make the jumps.

  Double dutch and jump-roping in general! All those rhymes that went with it.

  I still have a bunch of my marbles in a white vinyl purse that I had in grade school. (ultimate packrat)

  Workup was real fun.

Thanks for the memories,

Ginger Mitchell Wedin (64)
Highlands Ranch, CO