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PHS Alumni On-Line
Feb 27, 2003

4 Bulldogs, 1 Bomber, & 1 special request today:
Nita Benson Rettinghouse (`46)
Irma Kulp Zacher (`60)
Bill Wingfield (`67 RHS)
Janice Olson (`73)
Suzy Penny Merz (`89)
Darilee Bednar (other w/special request)


From: Nita Benson Rettinghouse (`46)

To Irma Kulp Zacher:
How very much I enjoy your recollections of Pasco's past & memories of school days. My fondest memories of Bob Gregson, teacher, was 1945-46, my Senior year, when much to my dismay I discovered that I needed a semester of biology to qualify for a scholarship to Deaconess Hospital for nurses training. That dear man volunteered to teach me after school.
  Much to my regret, after completing the course with a passing(?) grade I made the decision to marry instead, and Jeannie Minatoya, Jerry's older sister, took my place and went on to become an RN. That marriage ended 7 yrs & one son (Andy Johnson, PHS `69) later.

To Summer Johnson Singer (`95):
  Hey dear granddaughter, what a nice surprise to find you on line. Hope you hear from lots of your classmates. Isn't this web-site fun! Thanks Paul.

Nita Benson Rettinghouse (`46)
Pasco, WA

From: Irma Kulp Zacher (`60)

  My daughter Kippy Zacher Becker (`93) is wanting to get in touch with her classmates to see if there is a reunion planned for this year. Anyone out there know what the class of `93 is doing?

Irma Kulp Zacher (`60)
Pasco, WA

From: Bill Wingfield ('67 RHS)

  Do you have a 69 annual available on line for viewing? I am looking for an old friend who would have graduated in 68 or 69.


Bill Wingfield ('67 RHS)
Augusta, GA
[I don't know of any `68 or `69 PHS annuals on-line, Bill. I'll include your request here in hopes that some folks from those years will contact you with some help. - Paul]

From: Janice Olson (`73)

Hi ya'll,
  I'm just wondering if anyone has heard anything about the upcoming 30 yr PHS Reunion? Dates? Times? Places? The time is fast approaching and I hope there will be one! Please e-mail me if you have any info on this.


Janice Olson (`73)
Everett, WA

From: Suzy Penny Merz (`89)

Pasco High Alumni and Teachers,
  Recently I found this website, I sat up much of the night reading the entries. So many of the names and places mentioned were part of stories that were told to my brothers and me by my dad, Jerry Penny (`64). As most of you know he passed away from a short, but difficult battle with cancer February 2002. At the funeral things were so hectic that I did not have a chance to talk to most of the people in attendance. Many people reminisced about Pasco when my dad was growing up, others told stories about what my dad meant to them as an adult. My dad could not have been blessed with a more supportive community and such a caring group of friends, especially the PHS class of 1964 and the teachers who remained a part of his life after high school like Mr. Till and Mr. Moffet. I just wanted to thank everyone (a little late) for the kind words, and for being a part of his and our lives. A few weeks after my dad's death my husband and I were told that we were expecting our third child. Abigail Grace was born October 21, 2002, named after her Papa Jerry (Gerald Gale), she is his sixth grandchild. My brothers and I have placed a bench at the Pasco Cemetery in his memory. If by chance you are at the cemetery, stop there and rest a while, think fondly of Jerry and loved ones lost.


Suzy Penny Merz (`89)
Camas, WA

From: Darilee Bednar (Special Request)

  I found you through your reunion site ... and really enjoyed finding it!!!
  My name is Darilee Bednar and I'm involved in a project to "place faces to the names of the 1050 Washington State men whose names are on the Vietnam Memorial Wall".

  I am using yearbook pictures and family shots ... mostly. I am identifying the schools through obits and alumni groups. And I am, of course, begging for help...

According to the National Archives records Pasco had:

Guy Franklin BROOKS born 29MAY48
David Ralymond BRUCE born 25JAN48
Gary Wayne COKLEY  born 29DEC44
Duane Rober COTTINGHAM  born15APR46
Harry Gregg FLIEGER   born   30JUL50
Richard Thomas FORESTER  born 13 OCT49
Ronald Kenneth SCHULZ born 23JUL51
John Jeremiah TILL   born 19SEP49
Jasper H. TRUSLEY Jr. born  05JAN49
Joe Alan WHITBY   born 02APR44

Do you or any in your group have knowledge of these men? Like what school they went to, when did they graduate, etc. Would you be able to get pictures scanned at 300 dpi.
If so I would appreciate it very much.

  The Franklin County page is pretty bare -- please help fill it up

And one last request ... We do know that many Washington State guys were drafted out of state and their town of record reflects where they were drafted/enlisted from. Please check the list and make sure that all Pasco boys are accounted for.

  Thank you for taking the time reading this note and for any help you can offer.

Darilee Bednar - 3rd St. Book Exchange - Faces From the Wall - Vietnam/Washington